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  • Alex Lee

    Alex Lee

  • Jason Oviedo

    Jason Oviedo

    I tweet mostly about technology.

  • Pooja Sethi

    Pooja Sethi

    Things that make me happy: Code. Fuzzy Socks. Chai. Dancing in the Rain. Adventures. NLP @Facebook. CSE @University of Washington.

  • Bec Smith

    Bec Smith

  • Wojtek Pyrak

    Wojtek Pyrak

    Amateur tennis player, Machine Learning Engineer at Tidio, gamer. Always happy to chat about the topics mentioned above.

  • eros-ck


  • Vivek V Krishnan

    Vivek V Krishnan

  • Minesh A.Jethva

    Minesh A.Jethva

    Data Scientist working with Sequence Modelling for Time-Series and NLP, Kaggle Expert and Bioinformatics Researcher @BENGURIONU

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